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Only $100/year, or less!
Professional Business Site
free monthly updates

   NO Hidden FEES!.. Our Price is the FINAL Price! Design,
Domain & Hosting
fees included! - CHECK, MONEY ORDER or CREDIT CARD!

We have NO HIDDEN FEES... no fees for uploads, development, updates, hosting, and no site traffic limits.


Basic Business Advertisement Site



  • A Basic Business Info Site ONLY $100
  • re-new after the first year for only $50 each year!
    A cheap way to have a business web site
    for any business that doesn't change often!
  • Site is metatagged, so search engines can find it.
  • Site is registered with major search engines.
  • Free setup & transfer your domain name or we will register a new domain name for you!
  • 1 to 6 Information pages about your business!
  • Free link to facebook or any other personal pages you have or informational links.
  • WebPage may contain product photos, clipart, sound and any description of your products, and business, and contact information. We do custom graphics or add photos.
  • optional Counter on your main page.
    to track how many people visit your site.
  • You may update your site FREE twice per year
  • NOTE:

    fee of $20 for additional content changes other than normal changes.

Must pay for the first year $100/year
After the first year, renew for only $50/year!

with a basic Information Web Site!

POLITICAL Campaign Web Site
  • Experienced, Quality, Professional looking campaign site, during your election (per year)

    gets you
    the best!

    Designed to your specifications,
    you don't pay until you approve the layout.

  • Your site will be online for up to 1 year.
  • Regular weekly updates to your site (daily updates close to election time)
  • Special domain name included.
  • Campaign email form forwarded to your own personal email account.
  • 1 visitor counter to track visitors
  • Linked to your facebook campaign site.
  • Add up to 10 pages as your campaign progresses:
    1. About the Candidate
    2. Endorsements
    3. Philosophy
    4. Experience
    5. Campaign points & issues
    6. Contact or Contributions
    7. Campaign Photos

  • Leave with a "thank you" message or terminate your site immediately after an election.
You decide when the site is online or offline and what messages or notes to leave.
What does the candidate need to do?
Designate a campaign manager, self or someone to contact Everingham Web Design for updates. The contact person emails update information.... THAT'S IT!

Professional Business Web Sites

for more




www.yourname.comNEW Accounts:
  • A Commercial or Organizational
    Professional Web site that you
    will be proud of!
  • FREE MONTHLY updates to your website!
  • Everything done FOR YOU! No work for you beyond sending emails.
  • Your site will have multiple Pages linked to your main home-page. Limit 10 pages to start please.
  • Linked to your business or other online pages.
  • Site is metatagged on all pages you need tagged and registered with major search engines. AND link services!
    We WILL get you noticed!
  • We will set up your domain name ( check for availability

  • Site will be registered & rated with RSAC or other "content" rating services.
    (so people with child protective software can visit your child-friendly site!)
  • We can develop a banner and/or button to use in advertising your site. (upon request)
  • FREE JavaScript programs for your website like: special effects, search engines, employee or product search database etc.
  • 1 to 3 visitor counters to track visitors
  • Use current LOGO's or scan company pictures.
  • We'll set up POP3 email accounts for you and your employees! up to 5 accounts! -- (

  • Add a search engine script to your site to search the internet from your own site. (or SEARCH your SITE!)
  • Set up a guestbook for visitors to comment on your website.
  • Frames or non-frames site setup...
    (Pulldown menu, Remote control menu, Graphical, or text menu's)

Lower Prices, and Better service than any of our peers.
This site can be started for $300 for a FULL YEAR!

2 OPTIONS for your new Domain;
$300 paid yearly
For all this listed above!


SPECIAL PRICING for business that are renewing after the first year who do not need constant updates