designer; K. Everingham

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Stanton, MI 48888


  1. A design idea of a web site layout that you like. Look around the internet, or see our examples and ideas on the main page.
  2. A good understanding of HTML "HyperText Markup Language" or an HTML editor (here is a very basic editor) that you know how to use. For anything special on a website, you will also need to understand CSS "Cascading Style Sheets", a language used for describing the look and formatting of a document written in a markup language. You may also need to have some understanding of other programming languages like; Javascript, or ASP "Active Server Pages" or PHP "Hypertext Preprocessor" server-side scripting. If your site is being designed by Everingham Web Design, we will do the work for you, no need to know any programming!
  3. A color scheme. You need the web site to be recognizable no matter which page your visitor is viewing. Don't make every page look different. To pick colors you would like to use, or colors to match a product or logo,
    try our Hex color pick quide
  4. Pick a domain name. The name that people will type in to get to your site. ( Click here to check availability of a name
    Domain names cost $30 or more/year, but are included in our price.
  5. understand that you may not OWN your domain name! You do need to know that domain names cost money every year, and quite often, whoever registers the domain name... OWNS IT!. Could you pay to get your domain on the Internet and then not own it?... yes. Most responsible web designers will put you or your business on the account, or transfer ownership to you if you move your web site.
  6. Meta Tag your site so search engines can easily find information about your web site and are able to properly use the information they find. See our own (Meta Tag Generator)
  7. A place to "HOST" your web site. A web site must have a server to be uploaded to and stored on. FREE sites exist but they will have restrictions you must follow and will add advertising to your site. For professional, quality hosting you will need to pay a monthly fee. We host sites that we design for no additional fees.
  8. Site updates Some site designers charge you for getting your site on the internet, and then charge you a FEE every time they have to update your web site. This is a good thing to ask about before your money is spent.
  9. Uploading files Not many places charge for uploading your files to the server where they can be viewed on the internet. But most server companies have a limit to the amount of traffic you can have and may charge extra if you spend lots of time uploading files.
  10. Extra Pages.. Many web site designers limit the number of pages that your web site can be. This is not a bad idea because nobody wants to design a 1000 page information site for the same price as a 4 page web site. It is good to ask if you have to pay extra for extra pages on your web site.
  11. domain email When a business has it's own domain name, you will probably want to set up your own email at that domain. Many site designers or hosts charge extra for each email account at your domain... It's good to check into those charges.