Site add-ons:

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A very popular chat server. High quality chatroom you can add. /hosted/ A free customizable chatroom of your own to link to from your page.

InterNexis InterNexis has a free Discussion group setup. Develop an online community at your site!

ParaChat Now FREE The #1 Java Chatroom server. check this site out.

FreeChat "Requires UNIX. & CGI compiler" A BEAUTIFUL chatroom! You've got to see this one. (CGI)

Download ICQ An ICQ program. (for use on your PC) Not a chatroom on your webpage.


PRESTIGE MEDIA (currently not available) "WorldTravel" offers a free classified ads posting to put on your site! (I've used this resource.... it works great!) --- currently offline! Was a Huge listing of specific classified ads. Link to your topic from your homepage! NOTE: this option does not add your OWN classifieds like the program above, but your own may be hard to fill! Check out these specific sites.

- Message & Bulletin Boards -

a BB that advertises on an ad banner on the Billboard you create.

BeSeen (currently offline) offers a free "Boardroom" for question, or meeting posting... good idea for business!

Check out webpost's billboard where YOU control the advertisement banners!

- Other Applet Add-on Programs -

Quizlet Tool for conducting polls, surveys, etc. allows feedback! Set it up & link to it.

QuickNav part of which is currently offline. - is/was a navigational utility for quick and easy navigation of your site.