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About Domain names...News/updates/names for sale/etc.

- URL Redirection Services - (puts a frame on your page!) free or

ZWAP.TO,,,, and /free service

.com-2 several services,..look over & evaluate!

Global Redirect url redirect, url forwarding service. Links to several "other" URL redirection services.
REMEMBER OR get: ...or... .......or...... .....and more! free + other services

note: see #8 Hosts/EMail (main menu) for email redirection services

- Adding A Web Search Engine to your site - to explain:.... You can add a BIG NAME search engine on your homepage so visitors, (or you) can search the web for anything right from your site!

One of the most popular... offers link buttons, or input form. cut & paste.

DogPile DogPile's newer, 'hip' search pop-up remote. cut & paste Very simple & useful... offers input form for your site. cut & paste

popular search engine... offers link buttons, and/or input form.

Magellan Magellan has realtime search. offers an input form. cut & paste.

(DeJaNews)popular news source... offers link input form. cut & paste.

Mamma Mamma proclaims to be-The mother of all search engines... offers link button, and/or input form. cut & paste.


ACME's search list HUGE list with search windows for various search engines. From normal, to Government, to Encyclopedia, Medical, Dictionary, Stocks, etc.