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Installing a Guestbook This is the easiest way to add a guestbook to your site. You simply sign up for a guesbook, and then link to it from your site. The remote host does the rest. There are many free options, and some will even let you customize your guestbook to look more like your own site.

Global Guest Customize your own guestbook with tons of options, email notification and language filter. Lots of other great features such as statistics and advanced settings to personalize your guestbook.

Dreambook VERY nice & one of the most popular.... get it while it's still free!

Guestbook Central is the home base for anyone who wants a guestbook for their homepage, offering them a free guestbook service!. A guestbook service with many options.

123 Guestbook The visitors of your site can leave a message on this guestbook. You can also use your guestbook as a forum or newsgroup for example. What has got to offer? We offer you an easy-to-use, completely free of charge powerful guestbook with lots of options! Interact with your Website Visitors with a Guestbook. Loaded with Features!

Guestbook World After purchasing a guestbook, we'll automatically send you an email with a link to our Terms of Service. Check your junkmail folder if you don't get it! Need help? Contact Us!

Motigo Guestbooks The guestbook is really easy to set up and use and its free of charge! To add a guestbook to your site, just sign up to motigo and follow the instructions.

Guestbook Depot All Guestbook Depot guestbooks are setup through a simple web interface. There are no complicated configuration files to edit. You can easily modify the colors or graphics in your guestbook. You can also easily remove entries that you do not want.

eFreeGuestbooks A guestbook is a perfect tool to get instant feedback on your site. eFreeGuestbooks Guestbooks are fully customizable so that they can blend right in with the rest of your web site.

HTML Guestbook Use this widget to receive and moderate comments on your website. (it's free)

Guestbooks at Guestbooks. Scripts & Programs. PHP. Scripts from Hot Scripts. Review before you use or buy a script! Let Hot Scripts uncover the best free, open source and commercial hot-scripts Guestbooks scripts for your web site.

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FREE Insert our simple code on your page and you'll instantly know! Choose from hundreds of styles. In minutes you can download and install your own hit counter and track your website's traffic.

FrecounterStat Our counter allows you to track hourly connections and visits your website. You can look through our widget statistics details , full and analytic.

Rapid Counter We offer free hit counters for your web site. Get a free web counter and track the visitors to your website. Totally Free counter for counting hits to your page

e-zee Looking for a quick and simple (AND 100% FREE!!) way to keep track of your web page visitors?

Amazing Counters provides the best free hit counters and free web counters. Choose from hundreds of unique styles and get free website traffic stats too. Create your own web counter instantly, in simple html with no javascript required.

Crazy Counter (no longer on-line, sorry!) is a strange "comedy" java program that does some unexpected things...but really doesn't keep any count!

Free Counters
Looking for a WebPage Graphical Hit counter or Tracker? then you have Definitely come to the right place as Simple As 123! For life with (as you can see) Very original styles!

Hit-Counts Just choose the counter style, provide us the start count and thats it. Your counter code will be generated upon clicking the submit button.

Flag Counter Add our free counter to any webpage and collect flags from all over the world. Every time someone from a new country visits your site, a flag will be added to your counter.

Go Stats GoStats continues to provide a reliable site stats traffic counter service with web analytics since 1999.

Hit Counter HTML Code Looking for a hit counter for your website? need hit counter html code? you have come to the right place. Our hit counters are easy to use, simple to install on your website, webpage, blog, craigslist listing etc.

Free Participation of your links in several toplinklists (voluntarily beeing listed) Free Hit Counter. Free Hit Counter creation within only 1 minute, countercode is easy to install on your homepage.

SEO Logic Hit Counters Yes, we know hit counters are so last decade. But we built in 2001, and thousands and thousands of webmasters are using the counter service we started way back then. Lots of people use them on their eBay listings. We'll keep it running as long as people still want them.

precision counter Welcome to -- Your Top Choice for FREE Hit-Counters AND Web Site Statistics!

Big We offer free hit counters for your web site. Get a free web counter and track the visitors to your website. Totally Free counter for counting hits to your page.