Script GEMS:

NOTE: Each of the following pages give a visual example of each of our Script GEMS, the top of the screen will give you an idea what the script visually accomplishes on a web page. The bottom portion, is the code that you can copy to paste into your own web pages. When you are done viewing or copying each page, just close the page, to return back to this menu.

  1. Domain Name Check A form that links to an independent domain name checker.
  2. Simple Calculator A small bit of JavaScript for a simple calculator.
  3. Scrolling Text Box Small JavaScript to scroll your text in a form-like text area. Similar to the (Marquee) HTML command.
  4. Navigation Buttons Simple LiveScript Nav. Buttons to add a Forward or Back Navigational control to your HTML web pages or file/photo viewer.
  5. Text Hi-lighter An easy way to give the effect of "Hylighter" markers on your web pages. To note or bring important text out. (any color may be used)
  6. No Underline Remove the underline from text links.
  7. Print Button Add a print button to any HTML web page.
  8. Page Update Tells when a web page was last updated.
  9. Animated Text A message flys in to your page.
  10. Email Button Sends email to 1 or 2 people & fills in the subject. I use this one on customer's sites & fill in the subject as (email from your web site) so they know their site is working for them.
  11. Hidden Email Address! Hides your email address from SPAM programs that gather emails from web sites without permission! When the text or image is clicked, the JavaScript builds your email address to send a SAFE email. THIS SCRIPT FOOLS the Junk Mail SPAMMERS!
  12. Search Form Build your own DATABASE/ SEARCH ENGINE, for your web site!
  13. Alert Box Pop-up Alert message when mouse moves over an image.
  14. Pop-Up Window Create a (on click) pop-up window with advertisements, additional data, or information. The pop-up also has a (Close) button for the reader.
  15. Credits Page Fade out text. (VERY NICE) You will be taken to a preview before being taken to the code.
  16. Site Search Search any web site using GOOGLE!
  17. Pop-up Link Notes Add pop-up notes to links or images on your pages to give more information.
  18. Basic Text Scroller Add a scrolling text banner to your pages with a light background.

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