Programming & Scripts:

- General Programming Sites -

FREECODE A great source for tons of CGI, HTML, and projects in categories like; Database, FTP, HTTP, Telnet, email, and much more!

IT Hare Learn about programming languages and which are best to know. Tons of great advice.

- VBScript - Visual Basic Script - Tons of VBScript. Visual Basic Scripting is a late-bound and lightweight version of Microsoft's Visual Basic. It's used for both client-side scripting, typically with a browser (although only Microsoft Internet Explorer supports it), and more commonly as the server-side language of choice with ASP.

- ASP - Asp Books, Articles, Online Communities, References, and Tons of Scripts!

ASP Resource Index Asp Applications, Directory, Books & Media, ASP Community, and Components. Active Server Page Resources.

- PHP - Learning PHP Programming Tutorials, SQL Reference for Web Nerds, and other SQL References, and PHP Manuals on line. HUGE Database of PHP Scripts. Web based Enterprise Solutions... Articles, Projects, Software. Lots of links for business oriented PHP scripting.

HTML And PHP Scripts - Basic Html Code
Free HTML and PHP Programming Guides, Lessons and Tutorials


Mastering JavaScript A Tutorial (how-to) best use javascript.

Crows Free JavaScript Lots of basic examples.

JavaScript Developer Central (Netscape) based.

Java / JavaScript Goodies You MUST visit this one!.. free javascript source.

The JavaScript Source A great source of learning and free code to begin your programming.

Timothy's JavaScript A good source of scripts. Site looks crude but is set up nice!.

Coolness Centre A basic javascript site, well designed for easy cut & paste code.

HOT SYTE very nice site about JavaScript.

Javascript Planet A GREAT place for tons of javascripts, from easy to find, to obscure!

Everingham Web Site Design

- JAVA -

applets by OZZ A real JAVA pro....try 'em out!

The Java Shoppe Quality Java applets to use on your site!

Free applets A good source for quality applets!

- HTML -

Beginner's Guide A Beginner's Guide to writing HTML code. (This is a site)

Slacker's Guide A humorous guide to learning HTML "HyperText Markup Language". (basic webpage design)

NCSA A "Primer" beginner's Guide to HTML.

Quick Reference HTML Quick Reference from the University of Kansas

HTML Quick Reference at HTML Goodies.

HyperText Markup Language.


DHTML Guru Resource Want state of the art? The Guru Resource is as polished as it gets. You get Tutorials, a DHTML reference and feedback on your own DHTML-enabled site.

Jeff Rule’s DHTML Demos A slick site containing cross-browser demos galore. Features include techniques used in Discovery Channel Online, IE5 DHTML and SMIL (Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language).

Inside DHTML – A rich, community-based site packed with information for DHTML codeheads. Includes a library, cut-and-paste code, discussion forums, newsletters, fun and games, and a trophy room.

Project Cool Developer Zone Project Cool’s site features plenty of lessons and a useful CSS reference table highlighting browser support issues.

DHTML Zone Macromedia’s superfly support resource for its products. This graphically rich site includes tutorials, trophy room, forum, demos and Shockwave help.

Netscape DHTML Developer Central Netscape’s take on DHTML features with useful and friendly tutorials.

The Dynamic Duo This comprehensive reference site contains practical walk-throughs, tips and tricks, a lively forum, and links.

- CGI -

Common Gateway Interface Information

Spec's Common Gateway Interface Specification.

CGI Scripts Perl / Java / VRML / DHTML.... a great source.

MSA Matt's Script Archive.....Perl / C++ scripts.

eXtropia Public Domain CGI Script Library.......One of the best archives!

- HTTP -

Http Protocol As IMplemented in W3.

Object Header Object Header Meta Information lines in HTTP

Protocols Protocols used in the World-Wide Web

Status Codes Status codes in HTTP.

URL address An overview of Addressing (Uniform Resource Locator).

- OTHER Various Programming and Scripting -

Hot Scripts (XML) which stands for Extensible Markup Language. XML is a World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) Recommendation. XML is a subset of SGML and is a meta-language that is used to describe data. XSL, also a W3C Recommendation, stands for Extensible Style Language. XSL is a specialized application of XML that is meant to format XML for display. PERL based open source community based applications for Free download.